CryptoTab’s affiliate program with daily payouts

Get paid for browser installations

You can earn more than 2 USD for each installation by users from the following locations: United Kingdom (UK), United States (US), Canada (CA), Australia (AU). Users from the other countries and mobile os will be added to your mining network.
1st level installations (Windows and MacOS only)
United StatesUS
United KingdomGB
You will get your payments in Bitcoin equivalent at the USD/BTC rate at the moment of installation. You can withdraw funds from your account at any given time.

Get paid not only for installations

When your referrals invite new users, you get some extra income, depending on the level of that user in the network. The more active users in your network — the higher your income. A network can grow up to 10 levels, which means that you may have thousands of users in it.
1st level 2 USD
2st level + 30.0%
3st level + 15.0%
4st level + 7.5%
5st level + 3.5%
6st level + 2.0%
7st level + 1.0%
8st level + 0.5%
9st level + 0.3%
10st level + 0.2%

What about the rest of the countries?

Users from the other locations, who have installed the browser, will be added to your mining network. You won't get fixed-size rewards for their installations, but they'll become a source of long-term income instead! You'll be getting a percentage of the cryptocurrency they mine for as long as they stay active miners. The size of interest depends on the level of a user in your network.
Mining Reward
1st level + 15%
2nd level + 10%
3rd level + 5%
4th level + 3%
5th level + 2%
6th level + 1%
7th level + 0,5%
8th level + 0,25%
9th level + 0,125%
10th level + 0,0625%
All Countries (except US, CA, UK, AU)
Percentage of the cryptocurrency mined by your referrals is credited to a separate account in CryptoTab Affiliate.

Get maximum reward for each installation

Every single installation brings you a source of long-lasting income. Not only you'll be granted a single fixed-size payment — it will also start a chain of further installations up to 10 levels. These installations will also bring you either a one-time commission or a percentage of cryptocurrency mined by your peers.

* The size and type of a reward depends on user location